"Radial Revelation"

Radial Revelation was formed by retired airline pilot, Martin Willing to bring his own love of radial powered historic aircraft to a wider public.

Incorporated in 1997, the company purchased the North American T28'S' "Fennec" that is the fleet's flagship. The aircraft was civilianised by Hamilton Aviation of Tucson in the 1970's and as a result has become one of only five of the type that is registered in the 'Standard Category' by the FAA. This means that the aircraft is subject to the same rules as other general aviation machines and can be operated quite legally for the carriage of passengers etc.

For a while, Radial Revelation was the proud owner of a former Royal Air Force Hunting Percival Pembroke. This delightful machine was hand-built in Luton in 1954 and served with the RAF until 1987 when she was retired and passed to the civil scene. With a permit to Fly, she was operated sporadically until 1994 when Martin Willing purchased her and began a near nine year stint of air show work.

The Pembroke was sold in 2004, but by this stage the company had acquired a lovely Beech 18 aircraft. This machine, together with the T28 marks the company's existing fleet, and both aircraft are available for air show and general work. The Beech 18 is registered in UK in the private category, and is available for hire and general charter work.

Costs for the T28 are 800 per day plus fuel, and for the Beech 18 it is 500 per day plus fuel.